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Best Marijuana Apps In 2022 & The Secret Of A Successful Marijuana App Development

In the sphere of cannabis distribution, there is a constant transition taking place. The future is uncertain, and we have no way of knowing what will happen in the future. Despite the fact that change and uncertainty may be frightening and overwhelming, we are cognizant that change and confusion can bring with them new methods of functioning. 

This is true in all industries, where you must either adapt or perish in order to exist. A lot has happened in the cannabis sector, especially in recent years. There has been a lot of development and change. Living is a critical component of the sector, particularly in light of the COVID-19 epidemic that is now underway. 

Offering consumers new methods of purchasing and getting items not only offers them a superior shopping and acquisition experience but may also increase sales and attract new customers. So, businesses are using effective marijuana apps to make the best out of this segment. 

If you are an ardent follower of this sector and want to set up a successful marijuana business, then you need to have a basic application. This application will serve as a major part of your marijuana business. Now the main question that arises is: how do you make mind-blowing marijuana apps to boost your business?

We are here with this definitive guide where you will not only learn how to make great marijuana apps but also a few of the most interesting case studies in this market. First of all, we will teach you how to plan for your marijuana apps, and then we will list down some of the best marijuana apps.

So, let’s get going with this psychedelic experience!

How To Plan For The Marijuana Business?

Before checking out the best apps for marijuana, we will learn how to plan a marijuana business without getting into the legality issues:

1, Make Sure That Your Plan Is Effective

As businesses are using many mobile app development ideas, marijuana apps is not an exceptional field. But you have to be sure that your plan is effective. We are asking for effectiveness, not a detailed jigsaw! It is not necessary to be very detailed when describing the distribution strategy, but it must be comprehensive. 

Begin by collecting your retail and online sales historical data to determine whether or not the distribution strategy is a viable business plan for your retail establishment. The goal is to generate more money from delivery orders while maintaining sales in the store. 

At the end of the day, you have two objectives: to please your consumers and to develop your company. There is no need to put an end to either the first or the second in order to introduce the model for marijuana distribution.

2. Set Delivery Radius

One of the most important features of medical marijuana apps is their delivery radius. Medical marijuana apps never sell their product outside their delivery parameters. So, after determining whether or not you will give cannabis distribution to your customers and have developed a strategy for making it rentable, you will need to choose where you will draw the line on cannabis distribution. 

You may be tempted to drive as far as possible in order to conquer the market, but keep in mind the costs of more travel, such as the costs of supplying personnel, insurance, gasoline, and other expenses as the driving distance increases. Consider looking at other sectors in your profession and comparing their distribution ranges if you are having problems calculating the correct number. 

Pizza restaurants and liquor stores are two frequent delivery firms to consider when putting up your portfolio of clients. After you’ve established your limits, be firm in your enforcement of those boundaries. In addition, you must be familiar with state and federal rules governing the distribution of cannabis.

3. Collaborate With A Marijuana Delivery Partner

One of the most important lessons to be learned from the foodservice industry is how to manage the distribution process in an elegant manner. There have been various eateries that have provided distribution services for quite some time. The actual procurement of each of these firms would be outsourced to third parties since it is both expensive and time-consuming to build and manage your own procurement team on your own time and resources. 

Additional personnel, the appropriate technology, and a well-thought-out strategy are required. With the additional shipping and servicing expenses associated with working with a third-party delivery partner, it becomes more difficult to earn money on the job. On the other hand, it might increase your budget for app development

On this scale, collaborating with existing platforms to sell marijuana will almost certainly make the most sense for new marijuana delivery services. However, be certain that your present equipment is compatible with these services.

4. Design The Layout Of Application

If you change to incorporate deliveries in your business plan, your shop architecture will still need to change. You might need to build a specific line to pick up customers and various terminals to handle distribution purchases to hold in-store customers in the business to prevent inconvenience for friends. 

Try to implement a banking model in your store layout or check our definitive guide into the effect of UI on the psychology of customers. It would make inventory management as clear as possible. To complete orders quickly to fulfil the planned delivery time, ask whether other in-store setups, staffing, or technologically automated strategies can improve productivity and reliability.

5. Choose The Right Delivery Model

Usually, two different delivery types are available in cannabis: the ice cream truck and the pizza delivery vehicle. You will probably have to pick your model depending on local and national cannabis restrictions and tax legislation. The pizza delivery concept is when a driver returns to the warehouse and receives any order. 

After each delivery, the courier returns to the pharmacy to start the next order for cannabis. Bear in mind that many states allow trucks to store only a set amount of products, therefore reducing the shipping range and revenue and selecting which model is a better alternative. 

The more effective and time-efficient, the more consolidated trips a driver will generate. Also, make certain that you understand the supply drivers and their vehicle restrictions, such as who may provide and who can use the car, and that your vehicles are well-branded with your company’s logo.

These were the basic ideas of how to plan for your marijuana business. Now, we will see the best marijuana apps in the market for giving you perfect case studies!

Best Marijuana Apps Trending Right Now!

These are the best apps for marijuana that you can use as a case study:

  • Weedmaps

This is one of the best marijuana apps Android which is considered an “OG” of the cannabis sector, was one of the first to provide accurate information on where to buy cannabis products, how to find reputable delivery services, and other cannabis-related information. Since its inception in 2008, WeedmapsTM has served as a comprehensive resource for members of the cannabis community. 

Its features include: providing information on the industry and assistance in locating dispensaries; connecting fellow cannabis enthusiasts on a platform where they can exchange ideas, share and verify the authenticity and efficiency of products, thereby saving money and time; and connecting fellow cannabis enthusiasts on a platform where they can exchange ideas, share and verify the authenticity and efficiency of products, thereby saving money and time.

Customers may also browse via live menus that show price tags and laboratory data on items using the WeedmapsTM app. As should be the case, this app is subject to regular upgrades and bug fixes to improve the overall quality of service.

Major USPs Of This One Of The Best Marijuana Apps For Android:

  • Simplistic UI
  • Great insights
  • Provides coupon
  • Leafly

The world’s most comprehensive cannabis encyclopaedia: this application is renowned for giving its users a platform on which to explore and identify the most appropriate cannabis variety for their needs. In addition to studying the evaluations of its customers on different cannabis products, Leafly’s strain explorer also assists customers in locating the closest legal cannabis dealer to make purchases for medicinal and personal reasons. 

In addition, the application offers a feature that matches the user’s desired mood to the most appropriate cannabis strain, as well as real-time information on the greatest cannabis-related discounts. So, we can say that this is one of the best marijuana apps for Android & iOS.

Key Features Of This One Of The Best Marijuana Apps:

  • Provides in-house guides & articles
  • Purchase marijuana in different forms
  • Intuitive UI
  • Eaze

This medical cannabis delivery app, which was created in 2014, is intended to connect its adult customers (age 21 and above) to legally licenced dispensaries in their immediate region. Although Eaze has been dubbed “the Uber of Weed,” the company does not cultivate or sell cannabis directly, instead of acting as a third-party intermediary. 

In areas where it is authorised and in strict conformity with applicable rules, it offers delivery services that include real-time tracking of orders as well as ETD (estimated time of delivery). The app also allows registered users to get suggestions for the best-suited products from licenced physicians, as well as access to material and the most recent cannabis news. 

Online purchasing and payment services are also made accessible on EazeT using Google Payments and other e-wallets – and here is the brilliant move they did to accomplish this: Referrals from consumers are a simple and effective method of expanding the company’s reach. Patrons may receive their medicinal marijuana card from the comfort of their own homes, with the assistance of the suggested and supplied medical practitioner.

Major Reasons For Using This One Of The Best Marijuana Apps:

  • Safe and secured
  • Estimated delivery feature
  • Fast delivery options
  • PotBot

Designed specifically for those who want to follow a medical cannabis approach, it provides individualised suggestions from over 750 strains and intake approaches in order to safeguard users from misusing cannabis and the problems that come with it. 

This one-of-a-kind function is driven by an AI-powered, cannabinoid-based algorithm that correlates and analyses inputted symptoms, the most recent peer-reviewed research, and HIPAA-compliant data in order to recommend the most appropriate and easily-accessible strain for each individual.

The fact that it is similar to the majority of its type also helps save time and money by removing the obstacle of research and eliminating the need to acquire and sample a variety of strains in the quest for the optimal one.

PotBot, on the other hand, differs from other programmes – even those outside of the cannabis industry – in that it bases its updates and issue fixes largely on user feedback.

Why Download This One Of The Best Marijuana Apps:

  • Constant updates
  • User feedbacks on stores
  • AI-powered UI
  • GrowBuddy

GrowBuddy is a breakthrough application that is more effective when used on tablets. It assists its customers, who are mostly commercial-scale producers, in managing their crops, optimising production, and increasing efficiency. 

These advantageous functions are made possible by a straightforward operating algorithm that provides cultivators with historical data to help them make informed decisions, allows them to record relevant data, and assists them in performing data analysis for a better output, all from any device and from any location.

Major Highlights Of This One Of The Best Marijuana Apps:

  • Easy to navigate UI
  • Discount features
  • Frequent newsletters
  • TryM

TryM App is a must-have for all cannabis producers, whether they are professional or amateur. It allows farmers to monitor and measure the development of their plants, as well as manage their work team, in real-time using their cellphones. 

As a cultivation management system, the application, which is advertised as the first cannabis farm management software created from the bottom up for commercial farmers, records and summarises data by combining all plant, environmental, and job data for complete visibility. 

TryM works in conjunction with environmental control systems like Argus and Trolmaster to monitor and connect sensor data from its integrations, which it then utilises in conjunction with other acquired data to improve its operations and efficiency.

Besides that, the application provides automated connections to Metrc (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance), which is used in a couple of states in the United States, as well as to other compliance software for regions that do not use Metrc (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance).

Opt This One Of The Best Marijuana Apps For:

  • Highly effective UI
  • Personalised newsletters
  • Great UI for analytics
  • LinkedIn

While you would not instantly associate the word “cannabis” with the word “LinkedIn,” this social networking site seems to be the most cannabis-friendly of all the major platforms. Due to the fact that many businesses, both inside and outside of the cannabis sector, are extending their horizons via the use of digital networking, more platforms for such objectives – including platforms that provide exposure – are being developed right now. 

LinkedIn is one of the best cannabis-friendly social media platforms. LinkedIn, in contrast to some of its competitors, such as Facebook and YouTube, is less stringent when it comes to cannabis-related material. It also enables its members to connect with other networks and learn about emerging trends via its various groups that are important to the cannabis industry, as is true of most B2B platforms.

Why Choose This One Of The Best Marijuana Apps:

  • Simple & free
  • Artistic UI
  • Great for B2B services

Make The Best Out Of It With Marijuana Apps

For everyone, distribution is not the best solution. You may make marijuana supply to your consumers, but before you immerse yourself in a distribution business, adopt a rigorous and data-driven strategy. The transportation of marijuana goods is a terrific approach to improve your organization’s earnings.

Before you decide, verify that you evaluate all these best practices and assess your personnel, store layout, and corporate objectives. You need the correct infrastructure and technology first, else, owing to poor delivery experiences, you face the risk of failing to comply and losing clients.

So, make sure that you know how to create an app! Knowing the basics will help you to develop great marijuana apps for your business.

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