Mobile applications have become a vital part of our daily lives. Almost all of our activities are supported by a specific smartphone application. Mobile apps play an important part in our lives, allowing us to do anything from booking taxis to booking hotels to buying movie tickets to meditation, fitness, and dating. 

It is not an exaggeration to say that we rely on mobile apps for nearly everything in our daily lives. Given the recent rise in popularity of mobile apps, several businesses have jumped on board in an attempt to generate significant money. The notion of a mobile application’s uniqueness may be evaluated simply by looking at the number of programmes available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, which both number in the millions.

In this article, we will see the best app ideas to make money that you could optimize!

Best App Ideas 2021

As mobile app development trends and mobile app ideas evolve, it is critical to ensure that you are not working on an out-of-date mobile app concept when developing a mobile application. 

Throughout this post, we will go over some of the best app ideas that haven’t been made. Let’s cut to the chase and go through the list of app ideas for beginners that you could use:

  • On-Demand Applications

The on-demand economy is moving at breakneck speed, and the development of on-demand apps is essential to the success of the sector. The debut of the Uber app signalled the beginning of a new era in on-demand technology. On-demand services such as gas delivery, mail delivery, food delivery, and home services are now available via a broad selection of applications that are available on the market.

People have become calmer as a result of the introduction of on-demand supply apps. The availability of several on-demand apps has increased in recent years. Start-ups may discover that they have a strong possibility of developing their company on-demand via customised and high-end applications. On-demand apps are excellent ideas for new businesses. It is one of the best new ideas for apps.

  • Healthcare Applications

While it may sound like one of the most simple app ideas, healthcare is a very promising sector. Telemedicine is a medical service that provides care to those who live in distant places. Previously, persons living in rural places were unable to do so. However, in today’s fast-paced world, individuals do not want to waste their time in clinics and want prompt advice. 

Mobile technology has altered the way consumers connect with the healthcare business and the organisations that serve them. Cell phones are used by around 52 per cent of individuals to obtain health-related information on the go. Given that this industry is concerned with reaching a larger audience, Android may be the most appropriate tool. 

If we make use of the current developing trend to its full potential, health apps are unquestionably one of the greatest ideas for Android applications. Conceiving and developing a healthcare application is regarded as a subtle new mobile application concept.

  • IoT Security Applications

If you are an entrepreneur looking to develop a mobile product idea, IoT applications must be at the top of your list. The reason for this is that we have seen how the Internet of Things (IoT) has arisen in recent years as a cutting-edge technology that collaborates with us and with one another to make our lives more pleasant and easy. IoT security apps are the app ideas of the future that will be successful.

In the next years, the adoption of Internet of Things-related services such as intelligent housing, energy monitoring, fleet monitoring, office monitoring, and asset monitoring will skyrocket. IoT security, on the other hand, is a project that can be completed quickly. Many different types of safety gadgets are used by store owners and regular residents in their houses.

  • Blockchain-Based Applications

Bitcoins have piqued the interest of many individuals throughout the world in recent years. The popularity of Bitcoin has also drawn attention to the technology that underpins it. You may generate a consistent stream of income by using this application. You may remain at this location and use blockchain technology to provide speedy and secure online transactions. Blockchain-based applications are considered as one of the best app design ideas.

Some other emerging technologies that may help start-ups succeed include the barter exchange application and the DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) advertising management program, both of which are currently under development. However, before settling on one of these app designs, you should get advice from seasoned advisors. Because blockchain-based apps are entirely secure and have excellent dependability, they are a well-known app concept for security.

  • Restaurant Management App

Apps for managing restaurants may be most beneficial to a firm that deals with food or restaurants and these are very simple apps. You can swiftly compete against other businesses if you use the restaurant management software to your advantage. A restaurant management framework allows restaurant owners to effortlessly handle vital operations and increase customer satisfaction while maintaining and growing their customer base of loyal clients.

As your digital assistant, the restaurant management software may be quite useful in monitoring a variety of operations such as table reservations, inventory, supply chain management, and accounting, amongst other things. Furthermore, by implementing a rewards programme in conjunction with a restaurant app, start-ups may build a loyal client base. The restaurant management app is a terrific and straightforward app concept for folks who are good at managing their time and resources.

  • Virtual Reality-Based Applications

In the beginning, virtual reality could only be experienced via specialist headgear. However, there are a variety of methods for turning on a computer. However, the passage of time has altered everything. This programme is capable of adding amazing visuals that are visible from all directions. With technical advancements, you may enjoy the virtual reality experience provided by your smartphone and particular programmes.

Virtual reality is largely employed to provide a unique gaming experience that cannot be obtained via any other methods. One important aspect to remember is that we are just at the tip of the iceberg. It has a plethora of resources at its disposal. A fresh Android app concept is worth exploring if you can locate a suitable mobile app services company to collaborate with. VR application is one of the best app for home design ideas.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are the future of all human-to-human interactions. You will be in charge of your daily duties and will keep track of them. The lively conversation between users is the most significant advantage of using a chatbot. It will not be overwhelmed by the number of demands, but rather, the preferences of the consumers will be taken into consideration.

Over 30% of eCommerce organisations have chatbots placed on their websites, which is quite a high percentage! Since customer involvement has increased considerably in recent years, chatbots have risen to the top of the list of creative and the best mobile app ideas. 

Chatbots, in particular around the period of COVID 19, are another interesting area to explore. It serves as a quick method to facilitate customer-seller interactions and serves as a crucial app for practically any smartphone application. It solves difficulties that either group is experiencing without the need for human interaction, and as a virtual assistant, it takes up less time.

  • Fitness Applications

A fitness app is unquestionably one of the most popular mobile app ideas, especially as consumers become more health-conscious. Starting a fitness programme that provides precise training facts and assists the user in tracking their progress is one of the best Android app ideas.

On both the Android and iOS platforms, these types of apps are widely accessible. If you want to reach a larger audience, investing in Android app development may be the best option. The market for fitness apps has lately had a resurgence, and this new app concept will always generate a substantial amount of revenue.

  • Disaster Management Applications

The management of catastrophes is within the purview of the emergency response organisation. Catastrophes are unavoidable, but their consequences can be minimised through prudent management. With the help of a feature-rich mobile application, we can improve our response to calamities. 

When an emergency occurs, the emergency management software will automatically send out alerts to authorities and app users. Users will also benefit from the software’s assistance in avoiding all dangers. They will make a request as soon as possible, and the operator will send the work forward to the next supervisor. 

Users should be able to extricate themselves from the software in some way. Although the crisis management software will not create money, it will provide your organisation with a fresh identity and a personal touch that will be appreciated by customers. This app concept will be of great assistance to the community.

  • Barter Exchange App

This is one of those cool app ideas that might have struck your mind. During the earliest days of human civilization, there was no idea of money in existence. At one point in time, people would physically swap stuff for other products. Barter trade was the term used to describe this method. 

After tens of years, we would want to trade in all unused materials, equipment, and products through the regular currency system since we are willing to swap anything of value for anything else of equal value.

What do you think about developing a digital forum where everyone may engage with one another? An application for your smartphone that keeps track of all of your exchange items. Furthermore, you may use this program to generate money by displaying advertising on your device.

  • Apps For Learning

Many individuals are trapped inside their houses throughout the epidemic, with only internet access as a means of communication. Preparation for tests is one of the numerous chores that they do with diligence and that they consider a priority among other things. People who have the chance to study new things tend to look in different directions. 

They will need the assistance of a comprehensive learning system at certain points. Businesses should put out an effort to provide excellent app services to their customers. There are several intriguing aspects in learning applications that might enhance a person’s learning experience. Educational apps are becoming more widespread, especially in today’s environment. 

Apps that can be accessed from any location and at any time are beneficial to comprehend. By developing a training application, you may link students with teachers while also encouraging them to study. In the first quarter of 2021, educational applications had a 30 per cent year-over-year increase. We can see this from the graph given below:

Apps For Learning


  • Motivation Applications

Mental health is also dependent on our ability to maintain morale and find inspiration to complete both routine tasks and unexpected obstacles. In this regard, motivation is essential for achieving your objective, no matter what it is–from redecorating your bedroom to getting your ideal job. You can always create a great mental health application using an extensive guide. 

There are a plethora of motivation app development ideas that may be developed to encourage positive affirmations and a receptive attitude as the basis of sustained efforts in any field. What would compel people to purchase the application? Because we all want to be successful, and sometimes we need a little more push to get us moving in the right direction. As a result, a motivating app is consistently ranked among the best app business ideas.

  • Coupon Applications

Shopping coupons and restaurant coupons are two of the most effective methods of reducing avoidable spending, whether you are shopping or dining out. As a result, they are considered to be among the most promising app concepts. People may evaluate available alternatives before visiting a mall or a restaurant by downloading a coupon app, and they will always have them accessible to use when they need them.

This app idea may be the least appealing of all the top app ideas since it is the simplest. However, in 2019, the worldwide number of customers who utilised mobile coupons surpassed one billion, and they redeemed more than 30 billion e-coupons.

Best Features Included In Mobile Applications

When you decide to create an app, make sure to include these features:

  • Onboarding

If your program is difficult to use and provides no explanations, the majority of users will abandon it quickly. This is particularly true for those who are using the service for the first time. It would be preferable if the registration and navigation processes were simple and uncomplicated, rather than complicated and time-consuming.

You may make this easier by putting in place an onboarding procedure. As a result, you demonstrate to the user how to utilise the app efficiently while also exhibiting your value proposition. This is simple to do with a fast step-by-step explanation or a few strategically placed tips.

  • Highly Responsive Application

When building your app, it would be beneficial if you took into account the wide range of screen sizes and resolutions available nowadays. Make certain that it will seem smooth on any device; otherwise, your users will go to another app that does.

  • Minimum Usage Of Keyboard

It is best if you design your app such that your customers need to use the keyboard as little as possible—unless you are creating a social networking app, of course. The user interface of a mobile application should be as touch-based as feasible. 

A keyboard and mouse configuration makes it much simpler to complete forms and provides a great deal of information; however, this is not the case while working with a mobile structure.

  • Offline Usage

Always strive to offer as much app usefulness as feasible without the need for an Internet connection if that is at all possible. To be sure, you must strike a balance in this situation while also considering data privacy and security concerns.

The kind of data and the amount of data kept on the device will vary depending on the type of app you design, but you should provide users with the ability to do at least some tasks when not connected to the internet. Another option is to enable your users to download the material they wish to see if you are developing a streaming application.

Come Up With The Best App Idea & Make It Work

When we think about developing an app, then thinking about the precise mobile app ideas might be very difficult but it is equally rewarding. We hope you find one of the mentioned app ideas useful and implement them as a project.