Pay Per Click & Click Per CPC Formula

CPC & PPC Service

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, also known as cost-per-click (CPC) by Google, is paid advertising in search results. Perhaps this is where you found our company. With the right "long tail" approach, it can be a very inexpensive and effective way to drive traffic, leads, and customers to our website. Contextual advertising has a lot of competition, and there are many subtleties that keep your campaigns effective and productive. Our advertising agency at C-Incognito has a solution!

CPC & PPC Service C-Incognito

PPC advertising is also a way to get instant and targeted traffic to your site. This is a type of advertising campaign in which you pay each time a Google, Yahoo, or Bing user clicks on one of the sponsored links at the top or side of their site. This cost varies greatly depending on which keywords you are bidding on, how much competition there is for those keywords, the relevance of your ads, the quality, and the relevance of the landing page that the user arrives at on your site, along with several other factors. These costs can range from 5 cents per click up to ten dollars per click depending on those metrics. Part of our job is to find your keywords that are not as competitive and more targeted (those 'long-tail' keywords mentioned above), write compelling ads to keep your click-through rate up, link the corresponding ads to related keywords and landing pages on your site, and monitor data generated by the search engines while constantly adjusting variables like bids, ad creatives, landing pages, and more. The other part of our job is to do whatever we possibly can to get these visitors to convert into customers after arriving at your site.