If you are aware of Google Webmaster Tools, then you must be aware of Google Search Console. Since Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) has, in addition to webmasters, become a valuable resource for many different types of people – for instance, marketers, SEOs, designers, company owners, and app developers. Google decided in May 2015 that it would change its name to include its diverse group of users.

If you don’t know the GWT or Google Search Console, then we get back to square one. Don’t worry, we got your back and we will clear your doubts related to Google Search Console. In this article, we will learn everything about Google Search Console. We will also see how to use Google Search Console for SEO.

What Is Google Search Console (GSC)?

Google Search Console is a free service that helps you discover a lot about your website and its people. You may use this to know how many people visit your site and how they find it if more people visit your site on a mobile device than on your desktop, and which pages are the most popular on your site.

It may also assist you to identify and correct issues in your website, provide a sitemap and generate and control a robots.txt file. Initially targeted webmasters were created by Google’s Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). GWT has metamorphosed the Google Search Console into a free-of-charge service in its existing shape (GSC).

A highly diversified collection of Digital Marketing Professionals, Web Designers, application developers, SEO specialists, and entrepreneurs is extensively utilized as the cutting-edge instrument. GSC tells you everything about your website and those who visit it each day for those who aren’t initiated.

For example, you are attracted to the amount of web traffic, people who are looking for your website, the type of platform (mobile, app, desktop) people use to discover you, and, more significantly, what makes your site famous. GSC brings you on an underground dive to detect problems and correct them, develop maps and monitor the integrity of the file.

What Does Google Search Console Do?

Every website needs Google Search Console. But why is it so important? Here are the major benefits of Google Search Console:

  • Better Search Engine Visibility

Have you ever felt the sinking feeling that you had done everything you need to create a wonderful website, but individuals that matter cannot find you simply in search? Google’s Search Console makes you aware of your internet presence.

  • Current & Updated Virtual Image

Search Console enables you to update your modifications so that your Google Search takes a correct picture of your Site minus its defects when you have remedied broken links and code problems.

  • Better Keyword Optimization

Wouldn’t you accept that it may assist you to build a better user experience to know what lures visitors to your site? The Search Console offers a view of the keywords and phrases often used for accessing your site. You may optimize the site using this knowledge to better respond to keywords.

  • Cyber Threat Safety

Can you expect business to flourish without sufficient external risks protection? Search Console lets you create effective malware and spam protection to protect your expanding business from cyber dangers.

  • Rich Status Reports

To just appear in the search result is not sufficient. How efficiently do your pages turn them into rich results for Google? These are cards and snippets that contain loads of information including ratings, reviews, and other information that gives individuals who are looking for you a better user experience.

You will see a status report for the search console on how your content shows rich results so that a shortfall may be resolved.

  • Works Better With AMP

You surely know that a search engine ranking criterion has become mobile-friendliness. This implies that the quicker you load your pages, the easier you are to utilize. The answer is to adopt fast mobile pages (AMP), and a Search Console helps to indicate that you do not comply with them.

  • Backlink Analysis

The backlinks, the websites that connect to your website indicate to Google how famous your site is; how valuable it is to quote. You receive an overview of all the websites that you connect to and get a more thorough picture of what drives and supports your popularity with Google Search Console.

  • More Responsive Sites

If searchers leave your site due to poor load speeds or any other crash, Search Console will inform them to help you take corrective measures and make them more mobile.

  • Real-Time Website Changes

If you sit tight and do nothing, significant updates you make on your website may take weeks or months to appear in the Google Search Index. You may update, change, and modify your website continuously with the search console, and make sure that changes are immediately indexed by Google.

Now, you’ve got a fairly clear understanding of why Google Search Console has become the key to improving your search results on your website. This also helps to make sure the traffic you attract and convert is aligned with your business.

Eight Steps Guide On How To Use Google Search Console Account

These are the steps on how to set up Google Search Console:

1. How To Set Up Search Console

If you are new to GSC, install the tool and have your website certified by Google is your first goal. You will thus make sure that, whether you are a webmaster or just a licensed user, Google explicitly qualifies you as the owner of a website.

That is a basic precaution, as a source of information to which Google does not want unlicensed people to have access is unbelievingly rich. You may access the Google Search Console with your existing Google account. It helps if you already use Google Analytics because you can use the same information to connect to Google Search Console login.

The next step is to access the console using the “Add property” button. By adding an urban URL of your site to the adjacent book, you may start employing your unbelievable feature range using the umbilical console connection. Be careful to include “HTTPS” or “www” prefixes so that Google loads the correct information.

How To Set Up Search Console


2. Enable Google To Verify Site Ownership

These are the steps to verify site ownership on your site:

  • How To Add An Html Tag To Help Google Verify Ownership

Google will want to check your site after you have established your presence. At this point, it contributes to a certain amount of HTML job experience. You can manage the files you upload simpler; you can learn more about how the size of the website impacts the rate of goggle crawling and comprehend Google’s existing programs on your website more clearly.

If this all sounds like rocket science, don’t worry because we’ll take you by hand. You will then open your homepage code and paste the HTML tag supplied by the search console into the HTML code area of your site. The newly inserted code can coexist with any other section code; this is irrelevant.

If you don’t see the section, you will have to build a section that incorporates the code created in the search console for Google to evaluate your site. Save your work, and come back to the webpage to see the source code, and the part indicating that you correctly embedded the console verification code should be apparent.

You may go back to the dashboard of the console and click “Verify.” You will see one of two messages at this time – A screen that shows that Google has checked the website or that it has to remedy problems before the verification is complete. Google will authenticate your ownership of the website by following these procedures.

It is crucial to bear in mind that once you insert and verify the Google Search Console code on-site, any effort to manipulate or delete it will destroy all your work, putting your site in limbo.

  • How To Add Google Search Console To WordPress Using HTML Tag

Even if you have a WordPress site, the verification process does not escape you if you wish to connect the site to take advantage of GSC. If you have passed the phase of adding GSC as a new property to your website, this is what you are doing. The SEO plugin from Yoast is generally recognized as a fantastic solution for SEO, which is tailored for WordPress websites.

The Google Search Consoles may be installed and activated using the plugin. When Yoast is enabled, enter the check page of the Google Search Console and select “Alternate Processes” to access the HTML Tag. You will notice a center box with some instructions above the box highlighting a meta tag. Ignore the instructions, just pick and copy the code at the end of the thread.

How To Add Google Search Console To WordPress Using HTML Tag


Now return to the homepage of the website and select SEO>Dashboard. You launch the “Verifying tools” window on your new screen by clicking on “Webmaster tools.” Three boxes appear in a window, which ensures that copied HTML code is inserted and saved into the Google Search Console.

Now, all you have to do is go back to the Google Search Console and click on the “Verify” button to confirm the check is successful. On your WordPress website, you are ready to utilize GSC today. This was the Google Search Console Verification part.

3. Integrate Google Analytics Code

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about this free tool if you’re new to Google Analytics (GA). It provides you with incredible feedback that adds teeth to digital marketing initiatives.

GA allows you to collect and analyze vital metrics in your company on the internet. It analyzes the number of people visiting your domain, the time they spend exploring the website, and the keywords that are most popular with new traffic on your site.

GA provides you with a very thorough picture of how efficiently your sales strategy attracts consumers and converts them. First of all, you have to check if a GA tracker code is put in the <Head> portion of the HTML webpage. To perform the GA code properly, you have to make sure that the code is only placed in the segment and not otherwise as in the segment.

Back in the Google Search Console, continue the path shown – Site Management> View this site until you reach the “Google Analytics Tracking Code.” Once you acknowledge that the GA code is checked, do not modify the code to prevent the site from returning to unchecked status.

4. Upload Sitemap To Google Search Console

By uploading the site navigation plan or sitemap, you may assist Google bots to do better to crawl the site. You can see on the map how Google organizes information on all your websites. In the metadata, information on the text, pictures, videos, and podcasts and even mentioning the frequency of updating of the page, you can also place useful details.

We don’t suggest that Google Search Console must have a sitemap, and if you don’t provide the sitemap you’re not going to be punished. It is, however, in your interest that Google has access and visibility in search enginery to the information that it needs to do its job, and the map makes your work simpler.

Finally, when you present a sitemap for a large website with many pages and subcategories it works in your favor. First, determine the websites that you want Google Bots to crawl, then set the version of each page to be canonical. It implies you instruct Google not to use any of the other versions of the original versions of any page.

Then manually or by use of a third-party tool, build a map. You may add the sitemap to your robots.txt file in the source code at this stage or connect it to the search panel directly. If you took the difficulty of getting the site GSC certified, return to the search panel and then browse to “Crawl” and its “Sitemaps” sub-category.

You may see a field called “Add a new sitemap” when you click “Sitemaps.” Specify the XML URL of your map and click on “Send.”

Upload Sitemap To Google Search Console


You have effectively sent your sitemap to the Google Search Console using these simple steps.

5. Modify Robot.txt File In Google Search Console Sign In

A file is integrated into your website which is not included in SEO-optimization circles too often. This file has significant SEO potential. The simple change of this file is a very powerful SEO juice that is ignored by many people and opened very few.

It is known as protocol or standard of exclusion for robots. If you don’t feel it we’ll keep it straightforward and call robots.txt. You may access your source code even without technical skills and discover this file. The robots.txt is the point of interaction between your website and your search engine.

The search bot will peek in this Text file before tuning on your web pages to check whether there are instructions as to which pages to be crawled and which pages to ignore. The bot will follow the exclusion protocol for robots that your file indicates which pages are permitted to crawl and that is not accepted.

This is the method your website guides search engines to pages to emphasize and also helps to exclude material you don’t want to publish on Google Search Engine Console.  No guarantee is given that bots will obey the robots.txt instructions since bots intended for certain tasks might respond differently to the same set of instructions.

Also, even if you do not want to index the material, the system does not stop other websites from connecting to your content. Please verify that you have already checked this site before going forward; then access the GSC dashboard to go to “robots.txt Tester,” click the “Crawler” button.

Make Google Search Console An Incredible Tool

A virtual galaxy of webmasters, SEO experts, and honchos in digital marketing would provide their right arm and left leg tools that strengthen SEOs and attract more clients to cash registries. Tools are all within easy reach, but many of them pay a heavy cost for access to advantages.

However, here’s a tool that’s easily accessible, a high-promising and expectation-free instrument with relatively few people using it, strangely. GSC is the dream of every designer and every SEO specialist in B, every digital marketer. GSC offers users vital information to promote efficient organic SEO tactics and is a tool that is used together with Google Analytics to punch.

You may strive for better search engine rankings and increase traffic to your site that is converted to paying clients when you shot the Google Analytics and Google Search Console double-bar released gun.

We hope this article on Google Search Console helped you thoroughly.