If you believe your channel name no longer works for you or your brand, there’s no need to keep it! The correct name of Youtube is essential for the success of your channel. This is mostly what the spectators are going to recall. The Youtube name is the product of time and hours of testing and errors and is supplied by brand-spanking.

Don’t be frightened if you get it! Please note that Google only allows you three times a month to update your Youtube name. So don’t play with your name until you’re sure!

The step-by-step directions can facilitate the procedure for you, so you can do it quickly after thinking of a new name for the chains. It is time to immerse yourself and to learn how to change the name of the YouTube channel super fast and easily.

How To Change Youtube Channel Name

1. Start by logging into your YouTube account and select “Settings” on the right-hand side of your computer for knowing how to change my Youtube name.

2. Click “Edit on Google” on the settings account page. All your accounts are interconnected and you can update your name on all different platforms by pressing this button.

3. Your current name of the YouTube channel needs to be entered. Make sure you break it between the first and last names boxes if it is slightly longer.

4. You can see the change reflected in the “Show my name” after you have written your new name, then simply click OK before confirming the change.

How To Change Your Youtube Channel Name From Google

The following steps inform you how to change the name of youTube via Google, which might be a more convenient choice for you. You may need to use Google’s account.

1. Enter the Google homepage on your Google Account.

2. Click on the image on the top right and then on ‘Google Account Manager.’

3. The option “personal information” would then be shown. You’ll then see a choice for “Name” by clicking on your “Personal Information.” Click it.

4. You’ll then see your name listed so that you can edit it by clicking the pencil icon.

5. Type into your new name, before you press the finished button, on your Google AND YouTube account. The change needs to be confirmed again before the change is fully applied.

How To Change Channel Name On Youtube Without Changing It On Google

You can certainly do it if you want to change Youtube’s name but not Google. It takes a little more time, but it’s worth it if you don’t want to update your Google information. Let’s examine the necessary steps below:

  • You need a YouTube brand account for the first time and need your YouTube account to be linked to it. There are many advantages of having a brand account with youTube, and you certainly should take a closer look at this.
  • You need to pair your YouTube accounts with it once you have developed a YouTube brand account with your name of choice.

Creating A Brand Account To Change Name On YouTube

  • Log in as usual and click on “Einstellungen” in your YouTube account.
  • Click on “Powered Settings View”.
  • Then you can go to a new page and click on “Transfer channel to a brand account.”
  • There will then be room to enter your brand name before you press enter. You can do so.

Advantages Of Youtube Brand Account

And you might think that all this possible heart attack is worth going through? However, there are other advantages of your YouTube channel having a brand account. A branded account enables you to add other users to your YouTube channel, such as group managers, people uploading videos on your behalf, and to change your channel name, not your name on Google.

You need someone to support you along the way if you are part of an organization or a wide channel. But you need a brand account if you’re serious about YouTube.

Avoid Mistakes After Knowing How To Change Channel Name On Youtube

Although it’s a simple procedure, some people make mistakes when changing their names on YouTube and you mustn’t do it.

A smooth change means less tension and, I hope, more people too.

When you change your name on YouTube, you have to be conscious of certain stuff, and this is the following:

1. Limit On Changing Names

The limit is how frequently and correctly you can change your name on your YouTube channel. If you’re wrong at the beginning and have a name that you want to change on your YouTube account, that’s enough to do it but don’t let it happen too much.

It doesn’t look professional and could also prevent previous viewers from finding out what they could have done on the channel too easily. No need to change your name too much, so do not allow it to happen.

2. Changing Names Often Distract From Your Brand

You mustn’t overly move away from your brand when you change your name on YouTube. Ideally, the name of your channel should inform people about your channel.

It is not advised that you attempt to fully refurbish your brand, especially if you have had a larger follow-up before, because consumers may get confused and don’t even realize that they interact.

3. Don’t Complicate Your Channel Name

People can find and subscribe far more often to a channel with a short and snappy name, and you have to know something when looking at how you can alter the name of the YouTube channel.

You certainly have to stay away from something with numbers in it when talking about bad YouTube names.

Studies have shown that consumers have difficulty remembering business names with numbers that are NOT what they expect. Think about your favorite YouTube channels and how your name is most important to you.

4. Change Profile Picture With New Logo

On YouTube, do not forget to update other channel names to reflect this change when you change the channel name. This could include updating your account overview, logo/cover photo, etc.

It is necessary to keep your account stable and to show how consistent you are and be more aesthetic. Before changing your YouTube name and other information, be sure to have everything you need ready.

Know-How To Change Youtube Channel Name

You should now be able to update your YouTube Channel name after following this fast and easy guide. Those are many ways to try to change the name of YouTube. You must remember that only three times 90 days you are permitted to change the name of your channel. Hope this guide on how to change Youtube channel name helps you.