Each change that Google updates is inspired to better the user’s search experience. The complexity of the search engine is designed to provide users with fast and reliable responses to questions; thus, Google releases multiple search efficiency updates. One such effort to increase the efficiency of the search results is featured snippets.

It is quite difficult to obtain the #1 rank on the search engines. You can acquire this #1 rank by using featured snippets most optimally. The good old methods like SEO, SMM, and PPC might work but if you use featured snippets in an organized manner along with these oldest techniques of digital marketing, then you increase the chances of being on top of the search result.

So, what are these Google snippets, also known as featured snippets, and what is the mechanism of featured snippet SEO? Hence, if you find it difficult to increase your overall conversion rates, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing everything about Google featured snippet and snippet in SEO.

What Is A Featured Snippet?

Featured snippets are small text snippets appearing at the top of the search results of Google to respond instantly to your question. The contents of the featured snippet are immediately taken from the Google index’s web pages. Featured Snippets are widely described tables, steps, and lists.

These featured snippets are placed on the top by using organic methods, and below the search advertising, which can often be viewed as “zero.” It will increase the web exposure and organic traffic of your brand through SERPs. So, featured snippet Google provides users with a better user experience.

Here is an example of the exact position of Google featured snippets on the search results page:

what is snippet in seo

But can we call every page viewed as ‘zero’ as a featured snippet from the Google? No, we can’t call every other ‘zero’ view page a Google snippet tool.

What Are Not Google Featured Snippets?

As we have already seen what is a Google snippet. But let us see what are similar entities to Google featured snippets, yet they are not Google featured snippets:

1. Instant Answers

The solutions offered by Google that do not link to any external source are instant answers or rapid replies. These usually appear if a simple calculation like ’78 * 4′ is searched with an equal mark (=). In this case, Google will calculate the answer and send it back to you like the one given below:

This feature isn’t limited only to mathematical operations, if you ask any question from Google, it will reply to you with an appropriate answer. Like if you search “Holi 2021” then Google will reply to the user with:

featured snippet from the

2. Knowledge Graph

On the right side of the search results, an information graph is shown. It includes more information about your question searched. The Awareness Graph occurs as you search for a brand, location, object, people, etc. You can find connections to the topic searched on different social media sites because it appears to products, people, etc.

For better understanding, a knowledge graph is situated at:

snippet in seo

3. Rich Results

Rich results can also be justified as “what is featured snippet”. But it’s not a type of Google featured Snippet. The aim of a rich snippet is for the search engine to include more details on a given website. These snippets allow search engines to supply the search engine with correct results. Furthermore, rich snippets boost the accessibility of a website for search engines. To transform webmasters into rich results, they must apply schema markup on their website.

This is how the SERPs produce rich results:

what is snippet in seo

Types Of Google Featured Snippets

The next thing to know after discussing Google snippet preview is various types of featured snippets so that you could know how to optimize for featured snippets:

1. Paragraph Featured Snippets

The other forms of featured snippets are more common in paragraph snippets. They mainly appear for questions starting with how, when, when, what, and so on. Google searches the data with the goal keyword and determines which answer to be the most appropriate and resolves the user’s question immediately.

Here’s an example of paragraph featured snippets:

what is featured snippet

2. List Featured Snippets

The list featured snippets are either used for categorizing or for listing down the procedure of any process. There are two types of list featured snippets:

  • Numbered
  • Bullets

a. Numbered

The purpose of numerated lists is to give the users a short and narrow step-by-step tutorial. These lists are good for recipes, guides, and so on.

featured snippet seo

b. Bullets

The bulleted lists constitute an easy collection of assignments and not chronological steps. Bulleted lists are usually available with words like styles, better lists, selection, etc.

3. Table Featured Snippet

Tables are often used in the featured snippets. These tables are optimized by Google according to queries. The website extracts the data and formulates a table that highlights the user’s response. Tables are often found by searching using terms such as info, rates, prices, etc.

google snippet tool

4. Video Google Snippets

In the video snippets, YouTube videos also feature. These videos are always seen absolutely and other times the search questions are answered best by the video. There are mostly ‘how to’ videos getting featured in the video snippets.

google featured snippets

5. Double Featured Snippets

Several times Google mentioned and related the findings from various outlets in a functional snippet to address the question of the search engine. The text and photographs suggest several yet linked websites much of the time.

If you will click on the picture of double featured snippets then you will get redirected to the website that posted it and the link will redirect you to another website (Youtube.com in the above example).

google featured snippets

Benefits Of Google Featured Snippets

Before learning the ways of how to optimize for featured snippets, let us go through the benefits that Google featured snippets provide to your website:

  • Improves Website Traffic

If the material samples from your website show on the snippets, you will see an increase in clicks and organic traffic on your website. Also, the web pages in the features are classified in the top SERPs (mostly SERP #1). Therefore, the platform attracts better traffic. In comparison, in voice searches, you can find featured excerpts.

google snippet preview

  • Optimizes Your Page For Voice Search

With the technological advancements, everybody is using the feature of voice search on their webpages. Using voice search increases the chances of overall conversion. But do you know that featured snippets can optimize your page for voice search? All the data indicate that voice-activated assistants such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant are being pushed easily.

More users are preferring to use their mobile devices for voice quests. Speech quest functions differently than standard ones. Queries are normal and descriptive to look for speech. If you are concentrating on tailoring the content to rich results or google snippets, you are more likely to have all the necessary responses for a search assistant to return

  • Provides More Conversion

Related to traffic enhancement, the conversion, and lead production increase when the platform gets a featured snippet. If the right response to a user’s request is trusted by Google, then users. When the customer is on your platform, this element of confidence will lead to a better conversion rate. You had Google’s approval already. You just have to draw on it.

  • Improved Brand Awareness

If your Google SERP snippet optimization tool and voice search pages are twice available, so the coverage of your platform will possibly be increased with the session size of your site.

Snippet functionality will improve the popularity of your company. It’s above all that, after all. The other outcomes of the search. It’s what we call being in a snippet, standing out from the crowd.

  • Projects You As An Expert

When your content ranks on zero then no other content is placed above you and so, you will be considered as an expert by the users. If you are on rank zero, then Google must have placed you there for a reason. And that reason is simple; your content is BEST.

This also increases the trust that customers place in your brand.

How To Get Featured Snippet?

Most people think that getting featured snippet is a difficult task to attain. Well, it is very difficult if you don’t understand the intent of what is snippet in SEO. You can easily get featured snippets if you play it smart. So, below are the most useful hacks for getting featured snippet:

1. Be Concise

While Google prefers long-form material, it’s no secret that there are more snippets with brief and concrete functionality. This further promotes postal organization that contributes to the retention of users.

The average length of a snippet in the essay is 45 lines, so bear in mind that when you type in the content, you try to get remembered as a snippet. Please be concise in the remaining article of your featured snippet.

2. Use Well-Structured Content

Google loves to do so by organizing lists, numbers, and levels and by formatting tags such as <table>, <ol>, and <ul> on standard tables. Note that your overall purpose is to have the best response to the query of the searcher so that your reply can always provide sound and accurate facts. For more information on content marketing, see our Content Marketing Tutorial for our beginners.

3. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Search for long-tail keywords yields more featured than brief excerpts. Instead of using a short subheading “Optimizing Featured Snippets,” we used a longer keyword expression, “How to Optimize for Featured Snippets,” instead.

Like asking a query, do the same for longtail keywords, using Google to help. Create the same for your homepage.

4. Use High-Quality Backlinks

You must ensure that you have good domain authority to identify well. Backlinks are the only way you can build authority on your web. Make sure you have a good backlink plan that lets you get good connections.

The creation of original content can assist you in obtaining more connections, and sharing on social media can help you discover and share your stories, traffic, and backlink opportunities. Google assigns authoritative websites that respond to its users’ search queries.

5. Precisely Answer Questions

How much does an article involve search queries? Don’t leave out questions you should simply answer to keep your post from being expanded.

The more responses an article has, the more important it is to Google, and the more likely it is to make it to its search engines. Build rich content to lead your reader through a subject and answer user-friendly questions.

6. Use Factual Data

Do not use unproven evidence and it is realized by people and their content is overlooked. If visitors leave their site easily, it means that Google does not support them with your content.

To inform the search engine otherwise, use readers only data that is relevant. Make sure that you reply and respond well to the question.

7. Add Q&A To Your Website

Q&A sites are helpful for online proprietors selling goods or services. These pages reveal your experience by discussing problems. Overall, they give more chances to appear in a snippet.

Displaying the facts that users want to know about while building a Q&A page. Provide complete responses and keep them clear in short paragraphs. Use the previous strategies we discussed when building this page that is not relevant to your niche.

8. Use High-Quality Images

Most of the fragments featured in paragraphs contain an image, however, there is no guarantee Google will directly use the image you like. A best practice is to only use high-quality, appealing photographs in the posts and to retain uniform images in the posting.

Use Featured Snippet From Google For Improving Rankings

Google Featured Snippets is an excellent way to expand and increase your company. But the ranking has since been more dynamic. We cannot neglect how traffic on other websites has influenced it. After launching featured snippets Wikipedia lost about 21 percent of its traffic.

However, it seems like usable snippets are here to linger, so we must refine and build material accordingly. And all the tips I described above are a perfect way to help your content gain the snippets. You need to keep upgrading the content with new details if you want to secure the role.

You should be conscious that taking Google search results first place is not the only option if you want improved traffic and boost SEA on your website. You have a second chance of being classified in featured snippets.