It’s more vital than ever to have a website. Your consumers seek you online and you don’t have much influence over social media alone. A website enhances your business and provides additional flexibility and alternatives. But for small companies with restricted budgets, it might be too much for a designer or a website developer to hire a website.

And, let’s be honest: it needs your bandwidth to run your internet business. You just don’t have the time to figure out how to write HTML and CSS yourself. In this article, we have rounded up a list of the best website builder for small businesses.

So, let’s jump right in.

Best Website Builder For Small Business In 2022

1. WordPress: Overall The Best Website Builder For Small Business

It is for one-third of the site that is running WordPress and is the most popular content management system in the world (CMS). It’s flexible, skinny, and user-friendly. We don’t want to rush ahead, but the finest free website developer for small businesses is WordPress.

Just so you know, two versions of WordPress are genuinely available.

As your small company Website Builder, we propose the self-hosted version ( as it is even more versatile than the other. WordPress is free of charge and open source and is thus available on most web hosting services. For instance, Bluehost provides a 1-click installation, an official WordPress partner.

You may easily build your site without a web professional, with thousands of pre-fabricated WordPress themes covering every business area you can think of. Changing your layout with choices and widgets for customizing themes is straightforward. You may integrate WordPress page builders for individuals who desire greater control. WordPress provides you with a free business website.

Pros Of This Best Website Builder For Small Business:

  • Infinite customization
  • Thousands of plugins
  • Great reputation
  • Affordable

2. Best Free Website Builder For Small Business is a user-friendly website developer “do it yourself.” It enables everyone, irrespective of their technical abilities or budget, to construct a professional site fast and effortlessly. Because it comes with an easy drag & Drop Builder. Moreover, there are hundreds of website templates to start with FAST.

These template concepts save you time, energy, and hassles when creating a distinctive website for your brand. This allows you to concentrate more on your own business than spending hours developing a website. With all this, you assume that would be pricey – yet it has all of the website builders’ lowest beginning pricing, making it extremely budget-friendly for small enterprises. This is the best free website builder for small business. now has in place a quick and trustworthy support crew. This offers newcomers more confidence in the platform, because if they feel “stuck” they can always call for assistance. Overall, is a great alternative for those who require a gorgeous website and do not have the cash to employ a developer for assistance.

Pros Of This Web Site Builder:

  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Comes with marketing plugins

3. HubSpot: Best Website Hosting For Small Business

Builder HubSpot Website is a simple website builder for drag and drops integrated with strong HubSpot Marketing Automation and CRM capabilities. These tools allow you to construct a website that is optimized and customized for every device. You can easily write blog articles, landing sites, website pages, and even emails using pre-built templates.

The adaptive testing of HubSpot is a unique feature of the website builder. This allows you to pick up to 5 alternative web page versions, and HubSpot is monitoring and providing the best version. They also include SEO tools, in-depth analytics, chat software, blogging tools, e-mail marketing, etc.

One of the finest things about the building of the HubSpot website is that it interacts well with your CRM platform. This enables you to make use of consumer data for each visitor to the Website to create a truly individual experience. You may customize the website content depending on your HubSpot CRM’s location, source, device, language, and any other details.

Taking into consideration all the other characteristics of this web designer such as email marketing, live chat software, etc., the website constructors for marketing and small companies are one of the most thorough. It provides you with a professional website for small business.

Pros Of This Free Website For Small Business:

  • Easy UI
  • Adaptive testing
  • Personalized website content
  • Comes with SEO tools

4. BigCommerce: Perfect Small Business Website Builder

BigCommerce is a fantastic choice if you are searching for an eCommerce website developer. This is because it is developed particularly for companies to manage internet sales. Ben & Jerry’s, Skullcandy, CamelBak, and more well-known online shops are powered by the BigCommerce platform.

BigCommerce is a wonderful method to launch and sell items and services in an eCommerce shop without having to worry about its technological elements. Your basic plan comprises all you need for building, running, and scaling an online business without any coding. It facilitates the best website for small business.

Even novices can easily establish their first eCommerce store with its amazing website templates, so that you may have a professional eCommerce business in minutes. They provide more than 80 designs for diverse sectors, all of which react fully to mobile devices. Not just that, but using BigCommerce applications, you can simply personalize your store.

They allow you to gain additional features such as shipping and inventory solutions, built-in customer reviews, automation email marketing tools, and more to build your online business. With more than 55 payment gates, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, Amazon Pay, and more, BigCommerce offers you your option.

Pros Of This Best Small Business Website Builder:

  • Easy integration
  • Beautiful templates
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Scalable websites

5. Squarespace: Best eCommerce Website Builder For Small Business

All elements of a modest, online store are provided by Squarespace. It includes built-in features that allow you to accept payment by credit card, track customers, and generate gift cards, etc. Additional builders would need all of these plugins. But Squarespace provides additional eCommerce features if you have certain plugins.

You can obtain plugins that include apparel goods with a textile Swatch Preview, stock tracking plugins, and certain products highlighting plugins. While huge online shops may demand a specialized eCommerce builder with thousands of orders each month, Squarespace gives all the features that the smaller e-stores might want.

Moreover, it easily produces stunning clean websites, so your bath shop or your cosplay supplies business has the right online storefront. Even if you are a total newbie, Squarespace is easy to use, with dozens of themes and layouts for your choice. It is not free, but its fundamental plan will allow you to establish a 20-page website, which is an important method to start up a small business.

Squarespace may be used for the first year with a custom domain. It is hosting entirely, thus Squarespace keeps your website up-to-date. At a reasonable price, Squarespace offers a lot of features.

Pros Of This Best Business Website Builder:

  • Easy to use platform
  • Beautiful designs
  • Great functionality
  • Additional plugin

6. Weebly: One Of The Best Website Builders For Small Business

It’s great to make great websites at low rates – if you don’t want many smart features. Thanks to its drag-and-drop feature, you can quickly build up your pages to the extent you like and your desktop and mobile layouts are default. But while Weebly offers many e-commerce features technically, you will have to pay extra for a price pricing premium plan – and why not go to one of our two top builders at this time?

Weebly also has bloggers, although they’re not as remarkable as some of the others on our list. These strengths and limits are excellent for physical and mortar shops which need a minimal (but gorgeous) website for customers. Weebly is entirely hosted so that you won’t be stuck in your site’s technical data. It is the best website builder for business.

With its drag and drop manufacturer, you may develop your Weebly site by selecting a dozen mobile templates with current styles. Weebly offers tools to enhance the comfort of your search engine. Weebly contains several lead-generating tools, however, with the free edition, these are limited. But, limitless storage is not available to you.

Pros Of This One Of The Best Website Builders For Small Business:

  • Professional-looking templates
  • Easy-to-use
  • Good eCommerce tools
  • Cheap

7. Site123: Best Website Builder For Small Business With Easy UI

It may be thought of as a less potent Wix ADI version. 72% of our researchers indicated that they would suggest Site123 to a friend, however many users also mentioned that if they had to have a complicated website they would choose a different website builder.

Although this platform is fast and easy to use, better results are obtained by utilizing Wix ADI or GoDaddy, both with smarter templates and greater creative liberty. Although Site123 is free, due to its lack of essential features it has not got a lot of value for money.

In contrast to both the other builders, Site123 does not enable you to pick from the many price levels based on how often features you want, so you only have a premium plan which costs $12.80 a month. It is a great free business website.

Pros Of This Website Builder For Small Business:

  • Quick and simple
  • Not very flexible
  • Variety of template design
  • Cheap rate

8. GoDaddy: Best Free Website Builder For Small Business With Good Customization Choice

GoDaddy could be the platform for you if you don’t want to spend much time creating your website. We got a finished site in about 38 minutes with this easy-to-reach site builder. Now that ultralight time is limited; GoDaddy’s customization choices are the least limited of any of our suggested builders, and its site design is better defined as “totally competent” than as “surprising.”

If you are a business with your culinary blog, you might want something more adaptable and you will want to construct with a bit more eCommerce oomph if your literature-inspired t-shirts continue to be sold like hotcakes. But when you want a website to show people how you work on your lawn or merely require your wildlife-related items in an online shop, GoDaddy offers quickness and ease of use that is unique.

To build up the website of a small business with GoDaddy Website Builder, you need no technical skills. Just choose a professional template for your website and use the drag and drop editor to modify it with your photos and your text.

You may also add important site elements like contact forms, videos, social network connections, and much more rapidly. In addition, on smaller screens, the GoDaddy website builder works. It is one of the best web site builder.

Pros Of This Free Website Builder For Small Business:

  • Super affordable price
  • Content suggestion
  • Low learning curve
  • Menu-based website builder

9. Gator: Provides The Best Website For Small Business

The Gator Website Builder is next on our list of website developers for small companies. Developed by HostGator, the Builder of Gator’s website makes it easy, with only a few clicks, to construct a basic website. Gator Website Builder has no curve of learning and a variety of professional themes.

The software used to construct the drag and drop website enables you to personalize your website using photos, videos, and Google Maps. The Gator website builder bundle consists of free web hosting, a domain name, and web analytics, as well as a free SSL certificate for keeping your website safe and search engines high.

There’s also a save history function, so with a simple click, you can quickly turn your website back into the prior version. Wondering which is the greatest website builder and the cheapest? Gator Web Builder might be a fantastic alternative for you if you want a simple Web site because it begins at just $3.46/month.

Pros Of This Small Business Website Builder:

  • SSL certificates
  • Low learning curve
  • Professional themes
  • Basic website builder

10. MemberPress: The Best Small Business Website Builder

MemberPress is a wonderful site builder for small companies and it is indeed a plugin that a homepage needs to be used. This is the way you want to go if you want to simply create a membership site.

MemberPress is a WordPress plugin to develop amazing sites for membership. You may take membership fees, offer digital downloads and verify that all the material is shown on your website. This is the best website builder for small business.

Pros Of This Best Website Builder For Business:

  • Fast website setup
  • Integrate other plugins
  • Unique custom designs
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Choose The Best Website Builder For Small Business

All these solutions allow your drag and drop constructor to have access to them and are extremely easy to utilize. In addition, they are very inexpensive thus they are excellent for the budget of a small company owner. You will want to go with if you want the greatest of websites and internet marketing skills.

Alternatively, is the ideal site design for you if you’re wanting to construct a simple company website in no time. And GoDaddy is our other option if you are seeking an easy way to construct your pages and soon arrive swiftly. You may use it fast for opt-in forms and marketing campaigns to create website layouts without codes.

We hope this article on the best website builder for small business helped you in choosing the best product in the market.