In the previous couple of years, so many things have changed regarding SEO, but the only thing left unchanged is the backlink. It is important to understand your connection profile since this allows you to determine whether you’re on the proper path. Taking a look at the competitors and identifying where they are tied is one approach to get stronger.

By using the various backlink checker tools on the market, you will rapidly discover the relationships between your competitors. There are both free and paid alternatives to assist you to spy on your opponents. Acquiring high-quality backlinks to your website is a good method to enhance the reputation of your site and make search results more visible.

While it is difficult to obtain these links, one of the most doable approaches is to check and observe the individuals connected with your rivals. The good news is that on the Internet there are a lot of tools to make the process easier for you. These technologies allow you to spy on your rivals easily and discover their sources of connections.

The good news is we got your back in finding the best free backlink checker. In this article, we will list down the best free backlink checker that you must check if you want to create high-quality backlinks. Before diving into the list, let us see the importance of backlinks.

Importance Of Backlinks

Another website link to yours is a backlink. In the perspective of search engines, the rear links are somewhat like votes for your site. The higher you have, the higher your site is likely to rate the search engines. However, not every backlink is the same. The best backlinks are available on big, recognized websites.

Backlinks from spam or dubious websites may purposefully damage your site. Following the installation of a WordPress SEO plugin like All in One SEO or Yoast and following recommended practices the next step is to think about your backlink strategy.

Many techniques to gain backlinks to your site are available, and the process frequently starts with the use of a backlink checker to see if your site has backlinks, and so are your competitors. Let us, however, examine the finest sites for tracking the backlinks of any website.

Now let’s get started with the best backlink checker tools available.

Best Backlink Checker Tool In 2021

1. Ahrefs: Backlink Checker Free

As far as SEO is concerned, Ahrefs backlink checker is the best tool. With its statistics, the instrument is so thorough that it has positioned itself as a market leader no surprise. Ahrefs exemplifies its backlink analyzing function. Ahrefs is a lot to enjoy, but we appreciate the quality of the data that it offers individually. It may be used easily.

It gives you an overview of your selected website and allows you to download and see many backlinks. Ahrefs backlink checker also makes seeing backlinks extremely straightforward. These are relations you had formerly who are now gone. The owner of the site may, for example, have deleted the linked page. Backlinks are also available which are broken.

These are links to your site, however, they will land on your 404 pages using a broken URL. You may need to contact the owner of the website to repair them. You may filter them by “Sort links” and select domains you wish while checking the backlinks of the competitors.

You can also use Ahrefs to check internal connections on your blog.

You may filter these, so that you might fix them, to look for inner connections that you have unintendedly not followed.

2. Moz: Website Backlink Checker For Free

Moz backlink checker is one of the most popular backlink inspection tools. However, it is a simple, comprehensive backlink checker, known for the most accurate findings. The versions are both free and paid. The program also contains a bot web crawler. This tool compares 2 domains or more.

It provides us all the backlinks, backlink checker Moz ranks, and follow no-follow, and page authority. The Users’ Page Administration, domain authority, connections to root domains, and any backlinks to the website are included in this tool. It allows us to check other rivals’ backlinks. It also helps to start establishing links with its free edition.

The free version, however, does not provide you with full findings and has restricted capabilities. This tool is thus mostly a paid instrument. Moz will never disappoint you when it comes to quality, speed, and precision. You can anticipate a detailed, easy-to-understand experience and data that can help you take immediate measures.

If you have a premium membership, Moz Link Explorer works best. However, their free edition is enough suitable for you and your rivals to verify the backlinks of your website.

3. Google Search Console: Free Backlink Checker Tool

By utilizing the Google Search Console, you can track your backlinks. The Google backlink checker is a free service that may help you optimize your website in a variety of ways.

You may use the tool to monitor your site performance, follow the best-performing pages, and maintain track of your backlink profile, other than to just submit your site and search console map.

The Search Console profiles you, along with external links, a full report on internals within your blog.

4. Majestic SEO: One Of The Best Free Backlink Checker Tools

This magnificent tool offers one of the biggest backlink indicators. The backlinks may be simply found. It features a historical backlink, which retrieves all links for a certain site, URL, or even subdomains. It can give a backlink for competitor domains to discover growth rates. Up to five domains can be compared at the same time.

Both premium and free versions are available. However, the free version gives only for authenticated domains up to 5,000 backlinks each report. There are 5 payment options of bill for $78.99, $169.99, $399.99, $799.98 and $1599.96. The utility features its MJ12bot web crawler and the associated Majestic API.

Majestic Backlink Checker is a sophisticated and particularly attractive tool because of its ability to crawl the whole web without relying on a third party. Search Explorer, Site Explorer, and the Backlink History Checker are further useful tools.

5. SEMRush: Website Backlink Checker Free

This great tool may help you get information on traffic and the high-ranking keywords on your competitor’s websites. It allows you to find your backlinks. It is a paid tool that is capable of analysis and keyword research by competitors. It offers a professional, guru, and commercial account.

Pro comes for $119.95 per month, $229.95 per month for Guru, and $449.95 per month is provided in the Business Account. It is essential to enhance organic traffic by channeling visitors from search engines to your website. You have to work hard to find profitable high-level keywords.

With a database of over 120 million keywords and more than 46 million domains, SEMrush is doing well with several online control tools. In addition to giving you the data of your rivals’ keywords and traffic, this bad backlink checker also enables you to discover other problems that your website could have.

SEMRush is easy to use and this program is ideal for any novice. For specifics about a site, please. You only have to visit SEMRush, log in and search the search box with your email. The system will display you the site data and then you may continue to verify what you want.

6. LinkMiner: Bulk Backlink Checker With Simple UI

LinkMiner is particularly intended for looking for backlinks. It’s a Mangools tool, so a Mangools account is required for use. LinkMiner enables you to filter connections, as with other tools, through no-follow, deleted, new, and lost. It’s a handy tool to attempt ‘favorite’ backlinks, so you can get back to them fast.

This can be the best approach to list rivals’ hyperlinks to the aim. You may keep track of any backlinks you want to repair using this feature as well. For example, you can construct a list of lost backlinks to be restored. LinkMiner isn’t as complete as SEMRush, but it’s a fantastic alternative if you’re on a limited budget.

You will presumably wish to utilize this to show information, such as total backlinks of a site and the top reference websites, in conjunction with Mangools SiteProfiler. The LinkMiner tool provides you with all key data such as the Quotation Flow, the Trust Flow, Do follow vs. No-follow links, etc.

You, therefore, have virtually all the data of a link profile for your competitors; you may substitute them one by one, to enhance the overall rating of your website. This is a great domain backlink checker.

7. Kerboo: External Backlink Checker For Bad Connections

Kerboo is another competitor backlink checker for tracking any domain’s backlink profile. This tool may be used to monitor both your domain and the domain of your rivals. You may use this tool to evaluate the health of your backlinks so that you can remove the low-quality links in time, other than just examining the backlinks to your site.

With too many Kerboo instruments you don’t want to speed through the process of learning more about this business. However, there is one that is meant to assist you better understand your connection profile. That offers you a general picture, but you can’t fully grasp the webmaster tool before sitting down, searching, and checking the results.

One of the nicest characteristics of Kerboo is the ability to create a list of links you believe are most significant. These are the links you want to maintain, regardless of what it takes. This enables the system to automatically verify the connection each day. You are notified whether the connection has been disconnected or not for three consecutive days for whatever reason.

This provides you the opportunity to find answers. Kerboo will also help if you wish to keep bad connections out of your profile. You may not only remove links via the program but also trace each link to ensure that they will not resurface in the future.

Kerboo may be used in numerous ways, so be careful that you know the characteristics. The more experience you get, the easier your connection profile may be understood and handled.

8. CognitiveSEO: Best Backlink Checker Tool With Real-Time Updates

CognitiveSEO provides several SEO solutions that are highly useful for your digital marketing initiatives. One of these is the backlink tool. The backlink analysis tools are provided with a comprehensive analysis option. CognitiveSEO ensures that using its backlink tools that you can use both on your own and your customer’s site, you can examine them in detail.

You may find the backlink checker tool on any site using a Site Explorer. It will assist you to analyze your own and your competitor’s fields to create the arrangements essential for competing in search findings. The program will continue to update you in real-time with the new links your domain acquires.

This function enables you to directly send the information to your mailbox, which saves you time. For an inside examination of the link profile, you will want to know more about the quick rear line checker and site explorer. This is an easy method for your background information to display in real-time statistics, history, development patterns, etc.

The way the data is shown is what we enjoy about this backlink process. Run a free lookup of your website if you have never played cognitiveSEO to discover what it has to offer.

9. BuzzSumo: Backlink Checker Free With Comprehensive Connections

Mostly for content marketing this technology is chosen. It is the same as in Ahrefs’s free and pro versions. The version Pro supports you to check backlinks to your website. This allows us to turn an existing online connection into CSV or Excel, and users like this option primarily.

BuzzSumo best free backlink checker enables the most popular/shared material online to be searched for any certain subject. It will help you expand your audience. It is one of the customer’s most used backlink checker tools for both monthly and annual payments.

BuzzSumo is a premium service, but it does provide comprehensive information on who connects to your competitors and the substance of these connections, and which sites are shared most often. You can not only detect openings of connections but can also determine the material that draws more links.

10. Neil Patel Backlink Checker: SEO Backlink Checker With Complex Search Options

The prominent internet marketer is Neil Patel. On his website, you may discover a few essential tools, which are gratis. So, if you don’t have the money to go for a costly premium tool, you may start your SEO research here. Using these tools, you may obtain a great amount of information on your rivals.

You receive a variety of tools for an extensive SEO study together with the backlink checker.

You will uncover fresh backlink options for your site by using this program. In reality, the tool provides you several complex search options and link filtering to locate the right connection for the website. This is therefore a free yet extremely useful best backlink checker tool you may utilize.

Essence Of The Best Backlink Checker

The website link profile is a website quality assessment criterion. To determine the link quality of the website, it is necessary to locate and analyze all backlinks. Returns from the success of a website skeleton. These are some of the best free backlink checker tools.

You may use one of the best SEO backlink checker to locate and evaluate your backlinks, find out the traffic on the websites of your contenders and obtain the finest information about blog or website backlinks and URL behavior.